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Parents' Testimonials

"The whole team are just wonderful. My son has loved every minute at Poppets. We are sad to be leaving and moving into school, as we won't see the Poppets family everyday anymore. Thank you for all you have done for both Sofia and Dylan."

- Dylan's Mum - June 2020

"Isla loves coming to Poppets. The staff are so warm, kind and loving. She feels safe. I think you have done a wonderful job of adapting to the current situation i.e. COVID 19. A massive range of activities for them to do, lots of outside space / time. I really can not fault it. Thanks for taking care of Isla so well."

- Isla's Mum - June 2020

"Phoebe has loved her time at Poppets and we have been so happy with her care and learning, while she has been with you. The warmth of the teaching staff, the variety of activities on offer and the emphasis on outdoor play have particularly stood out to us. Phoebe always comes home full of stories and singing the songs she has learnt. There is a very homely atmosphere and the care and commitment of the staff is very clear. Thank you all for everything you have done for Phoebe this year."  

- Phoebe's Mum - June 2020

"Poppets have provided fantastic care to my 3 year old over the past year. All the staff have been so caring and welcoming and have provided full and engaging activities for the children. On occasions I have been concerned about my son's speech development, however the speech groups and games Poppets have put together have given my son more confidence and I have noticed huge improvements in his talking. My son is so excited to go to nursery and loves telling me about all the games they play and friends he has made. I wouldn't send him anywhere else and will see you all in a couple of years time when it's time for my younger son to start to."

- Thomas's Mum - June 2020

"We would like to say a huge thank you to you all. Rupert has had the most amazing time with you. He settled so quickly (despite being quite sensitive) and we really feel that he's thrived in your care. We couldn't have asked for a better year.

We love how often the children bake and cook and we think the learning journeys are wonderful - so much work has obviously gone into them

We will miss you all!" 

- Rupert's Mum - July 2019

Poppets is a lovely happy setting with friendly staff who genuinely care for the children and always give them a warm welcome. My daughter has enjoyed making friends, singing songs, baking biscuits, playing football, looking after the rabbits and doing lots of art and craft.

- Jennifer's Mum - July 2019

We have been very happy and will send our other daughter when she's 3. The partnership with Latchmere School works really well and the drop off procedures including the adult / child ratio are fantastic.

I felt Poppets had a great team of caring, young individuals and experienced supervisors. The young members of the team had so much energy and enthusiasm, which helps me drop off my daughter smoothly even on days that she may be a little sad.

Really great value for money - my daughter learnt a lot. On special days (e.g. Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day), activities and "Take Home" craft items are very well planned - some we'll treasure forever. Much better than the Bright Horizon nursery we previously went to and paid a ridiculous amount !

We received great care, feel that staff are caring and honest. For example, I noticed a wound on Emma's chin one day, she told me it was from Poppets. It was not really visible and knowing Emma, she would have just stood up as if nothing happened. When asked about this the next day, Emma's key person didn't know what had happened, but asked round and genuinely tried to find out and apologised. Emma's key person (Beth) was great. She does her best to keep children happy and knows how to. She (and other staff) knows children well individually.

- Emma's Mum - July 2019

My child is so very happy at Poppets! Before she started she had never been to a nursery or even really been looked after by anyone other than family, so we were so surprised how instantly she settled in!

All the staff are so very caring and loving and I feel they genuinely love her so much! She certainly talks about you all the time!

I feel like the balance is totally correct between enough structure to make the children feel like they are in a learning environment, but equally happily relaxed and fun. She has got so much from her first happy year at Poppets. The only small improvement is I would love to always know what the theme of the week is each week (sometimes it's not always on the board I don't think).

Thanks you all so much for all your very hard work.

- July 2019

Poppets is a lovely, nurturing family run nursery. Both our daughters have loved going there and always come out with a smile on their faces. The partnership they have with Latchmere and St. Agatha's is a huge draw and so helpful for busy and / or working mum's. We hope to send our youngest son too! 

- Vivien's Mum - July 2019

Wonderful team and a caring environment. Dylan has loved every day at Poppets - Thank you so much for taking so much care of him and helping him to progress over the last 12 months.

- Dylan's Mum - July 2019

"What a truly wonderful place!

Everyone is so friendly and the activities are varied. My son is certainly never bored, in fact he never wants to come home!"

- Louis's Mum - February 2019

"The nursery is very polite. Mahayla has settled really well in the past few weeks, thanks to the help of the staff making her feel comfortable."

- Mahayla's Mum - February 2019

"Both of my boys have been to Poppets and I would highly recommend it to anyone. The staff are amazing , genuinely care about the children and their development, are always happy to go out of their way to help and both of my boys have loved going to both venues.

The learning journeys, regular opportunities to meet with the staff to discuss your child's progress and the amazing singing performances they work so hard to put on make it stand out from the rest. Arun, who currently goes to Poppets three afternoons a week, asks every morning if it's a "Poppets Day" and if it isn't he's most disappointed!

I thank all the staff for their help starting my boys off in their educational journey and will miss them greatly when Arun goes to Reception in September."

- Jake and Arun's Mum - January 2017

"We have been a part of the Poppets family since my son started at Pre-School. He moved to Poppets after his 3rd birthday. We have been extremely impressed with the care and learning Charlie has received. Things that impress my husband and I are:

My son's development both socially and academically are beyond my expectations. He often says things and I say "where did you learn that?" and he says Poppets.

The care shown by the teachers. My son adores the teachers and his main carer Angela. He has a fantastic rapport with all of them and often talks about them.

I feel he is safe. The premise is secure and I'm happy with the pick up procedure from school nursery.

The Christmas party, summer party and Easter bonnet parade are highlights of the year, all done at Poppets cost.

Feedback is provided continually and formally at a lovely parents evening a few times a year.

They are flexible and have helped take extra days or changed times when I've needed.

The animals (rabbits, petting zoo and chick hatching) have been terrific additions to teach kids to be gentle and kind to animals as well as fantastic learning opportunities.

I would (and do) recommend Poppets to anyone.

I will be sad when Charlie "graduates" to reception later this year. We will have been with Poppets for nearly 3 years.

Finally they have shown the attention to recognise a speech difficulty (pronunciation of certain sounds) and worked with me to refer Charlie to the appropriate extension services."

- Charlie's Mum and Dad - January 2017

"My youngest son has attended Poppets for just over a year now. He absolutely loves it and skips in happily every day. The staff are fantastic, they are very caring, knowledgeable and communicate very effectively with parents, both on a daily basis and at their parents evenings when we are informed of our children's achievements and next steps. A range of interesting, exciting activities and topics are offered. Cannot recommend them highly enough."

- Alex's Mum - January 2017

"We are so pleased with our choice to send Valentina to Poppets Pre-School! She has settled in so well and so quick! Valentina consistently asks us "When can I go to Poppets again?" (on her days off).

She loves the different activities available (water, paint, sand, colours etc.) and really enjoys the outside space. She gets on well with the other children and adores the staff, especially her key worker Angela and the one gentleman working there.

As a parent, I am very pleased with the Pre-School and their curriculum for the kids. We thoroughly enjoyed receiving lots of arts and crafts over the Christmas period and their "Learning Journey" book is the best I have come across! Outstanding! It details all their firsts, achievements and funny situations. Also love the pictures! Please keep up the detailed learning journeys!

All the staff are very friendly and helpful. Laura, the manager, personally opens the doors in the morning to greet the children and parents, which I find very charming and professional. I can highly recommend this Pre-School to all parents looking for a warm, friendly, fun and loving Pre-School for their kids."

- Valentina's Mum - January 2017

"Alice 3 (nearly 4), has been at Poppets since September. She initially had 3 x pick-ups from Rainbow Nursery, but now does every afternoon.

Despite the long day, Alice is always very happy and stimulated when I pick her up and looks forward , at the start of the day, to going to Poppets in the afternoon.

Poppets keep us informed of what she has been up to and always respond to questions with good informed answers. The staff on the door are always warm and friendly.

Overall we are very happy with Poppets. They have done a great job looking after, helping develop and supporting Alice since she was two years old."

- Alice's Mum and Dad - January 2017

"We are very happy with Poppets Pre-School. Laura and her team are doing an amazing job. My little girl loves to go there and she is doing very well. She became more confident and independant thanks to all the activities she does.

My little girl said that her favourite thing is "the toys", indeed lots of them and different themes, brilliant.

Thank you very much for your kindness and excellent care."

- Chloe's Mum - January 2017

"My child Ludvik started attending the Poppets Pre-School in October 2016 when he was three. He did not speak English at that time so I was worried it would be tough for him. He was absolutely fine because the staff members made him feel wonderful, safe and well.
I am very happy with the staff, with the service and the approach of the staff to the kids. Ludvik loves the school and is very happy to attend. I am 100% happy with everything there and the care he is receiving."

- Ludvik's Mum - January 2017

"My son Ollie LOVES Poppets! He settled in pretty instantly and bonded very quickly with his keyworker Angela. The environment is a very loving and nurturing one. The staff are all very friendly and approachable. The atmosphere is always very relaxed and the children always seem very "at home". There is also a tangible sense of fun. I think Ollie genuinely has a really good time at Poppets.

I also really like the physical environment. The space is fantastic with big glass doors overlooking Dinton Field (which gets a lot of use on warm days). The garden at Poppets is a really good size with nicely made wooden structures and lots of trees. The covered area is brilliant as it means the kids can play outside, even on a wet day."

- Ollie's Mum - January 2017

"James loves coming to Poppets and is always welcomed with big smiles from all the staff. I have had concerns with James's pronounciation of words which the staff at Poppets have been great with. They've kept an eye on him, encouraged him and now started the referral for speech therapy. I am extremely happy with the care and attention James receives from Poppets and I have seen huge progress in his communication, listening and social skills since attending."

- James's Mum - January 2017

"The nursery provides a warm and stimulating environment. The staff are always welcoming and caring. Jack really enjoys nursery and looks forward to it everyday."

- Jack's Mum - January 2017

"It's only been a short time (since January 2017) so my experience is limited, but my impressions are very positive. I really value the diversity, the community feel of the place and that it feels very authentic. My son is always excited to go (and used to complain about going to his last private nursery) and is full of chat about what he has done there. I feel like it gives him independence while being supportive. I have recommended it to all my friends."

- Eddie's Mum - January 2017

"My son attends Poppets, as did my daughter and I have had nothing but a positive experience. My son struggles with seperation anxiety and they have been amazing with him, so now he runs in with a wave goodbye. He has even asked to stay for dinner, so that shows he really does enjoy coming to Poppets now. All the staff are extremely approachable and I would not hesitate to speak to any one of them should I have any problems. I look forward to my youngest daughter also attending Poppets next year."

- Kai's Mum - January 2017

"My daughter joined Poppets in January. She tells me all about her adventures. My son was also there last year and we were really happy with everything and hence decided to have my daughter at Poppets too.

The staff are very friendly and do a great job with the children. As a parent I am relieved and have no concerns. I am very happy with everything."

- Anonymous Parent - January 2017

"We're very happy with Poppets. The staff are very friendly and always helpful. My son is so happy that he wants to go every day!"‚Äč

- George's Mum - January 2017

"My daughter has been very happy at Poppets. The staff are always very welcoming and helpful.

Poppets is a wonderful introduction to early years education and social interaction.

I would and have recommended Poppets to others without hesitation."

- Abigail's Mum - January 2017

"Lovely staff, always made welcome. My daughter loves coming in the morning."

- Anonymous Parent - January 2017

"Hugo has been extremely happy at Poppets and get very excited about having his lunch there. He loves the outdoor space and all the staff."

- Hugo's Mum - January 2017

"Really happy with Poppets. Both my children have come here and they love it and the staff. All are very helpful and friendly."

- Hugo's Mum - January 2017

"Wonderful environment with caring and loving staff. Nothing is ever a bother. My little girl loves coming."

- Matilda's Mum - January 2017

"My son has been at Poppets since September 2016 and loves it. He really enjoys the different topics that they focus on and the space he has to play in. He has made new friends and talks about the staff favourably. I think it is a great way to get him used to a more "formal" setting before he starts at school. He has been in some form of childcare in a 3 day a week basis since he was 4 months old. I felt he was getting bored with his previous childcare provider and he wanted more stimulation. Poppets give him exactly that."

- Theo's Mum - January 2017

"My daughter has being going to Poppets for more than two years now and she loves it there so much she wants to go even at the weekends. Friendly staff and relaxed attitude makes you feel at home."

- Ela's Mum - 26th September 2014

"Gracie looks forward to Poppets everyday and loves every aspect of pre-school. Everybody is so friendly and helpful, greeting us with a big smile."

- Gracie's Mum - 26th September 2014

"Very friendly environment, my daughter Harlo loves it and can't wait to get up in the morning. Staff are very helpful and friendly and Harlo settled in very quickly and loves her key worker."

- Harlo's Mum - 25th September 2014

"Connie has settled into Poppets very quickly. The staff are warm and welcoming and she is already very happy. She certainly talks about Poppets a lt."

- Connie's Mum - 24th September 2014

"Nico loves going to Poppets. He enjoys the rabbits and all the playing. He is happy to go and spend time there. I barely get a good-bye!"

- Nico's Mum - 23rd September 2014

"Very caring and loving environment."

- Rachel's Mum - 22nd September 2014

"My daughter loves Poppets so much that she cries when I pick her up and waves and says "Hello My Poppets" every time we pass. I like the consistency / retention of staff over the years and their enthusiasm and affection for the children."

- Alexa's Mum - 22nd September 2014

"My son looks forward to coming to nursery every day and settled in very quickly. The staff are helpful and caring. Lots of fun activities for my son to learn from and lots of play."

- Trey's Mum - 22nd September 2014

"My daughter attended Poppets for two years and loved every minute. It was a great foundation for starting school. The staff provided a safe environment and help each child to develop in their own way. My son has now started and is excited every day about going to Poppets!"

- Amelia and Finn's Mum - 22nd September 2014

"A caring and safe environment for the children. Staff are friendly and approachable for parents and children alike. Great daily routines, preparing the children for future school life."

- Karlsen's Mum - 18th September 2014

"It's a lovely place, I can see my little Sarah enjoying her time there and being excited to go every day. I didn't imagine she would settle in so quickly! Thanks to the great efforts of her teachers."

- Sarah's Mum - 18th September 2014

"Poppets has been great for my little boy Charlie. He settled in very quickly. The teachers are very friendly, approachable and always happy to chat. I feel very comfortable leaving my little boy in their care."

- Charlie's Mum - 16th September 2014

"Poppets is a very nurturing environment. There is a warmth and love there that makes it a very special place. It's perfect for my daughter's first experience of independance."

- Plum's Mum - 16th September 2014

"Fantastic staff. Our daughter had an unbelievably smooth transition from playgroup to drop-off nursery, in spite of English not being her first language. Keep up the amazing job Poppets!"

- Shivani's Mum - 16th September 2014

"My daughter enjoys the Pre-School very much. At first I was worried that she wouldn't settle as she had been looked after by a childminder before, but the staff were really helpful and supportive. Now she looks forward to going to Poppets."

- Zoe's Mum - 16th September 2014

"Both of my children have enjoyed attending Poppets over the course of the last three years. It is a great start for them as they teach play and independence and parents always have full support of the great staff."

- Rahim and Nabil's Mum - 15th September 2014

"My daughter loves going to Pre-School everyday and doing all the fun activities. The staff are fantastic, they work well with the children and their parents. I feel they support all areas and are glad we have experienced it here. I would recommend "Poppets" to anyone looking for a good Pre-School in the area."

- Lola-Rose's Mum - 15th September 2014

"Joseph loves the cars, inside and outside. He is bonding with the staff and getting used to being without his mother. Poppets offer a great environment."

- Joseph's Mum - 15th September 2014