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Poppets Pre-School opened in January 2009 and is situated on Dinton Field, next to St Agatha's School and behind Latchmere School. This setting has sessions running both in the morning (9am to 12noon) and afternoon (1pm to 4pm), Monday to Friday. We are also able to offer Lunchtime Club and nursery pick ups / drop offs.

Laura Phillips is the Manager and is supported by Angela Beazley-Long who is the setting's Deputy Manager.

Poppets is the first Pre-School to have opened in Dinton Field Pavillion and over time the setting has evolved. Shortly after opening we received a grant that enabled us to build a new cloakroom and toilet area for the children. At that point we also redesigned the garden and more recently have astroturfed the grassed area.

In the past we have had an animal farm visit Poppets and have also on an annual basis hatched chicks. We also take the children on the large field for Sports Day, games, nature walks and picnics.

Our last Ofsted visit was conducted on the 18th January 2017.

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Extracts from report : -

Ofsted Report 18/1/17

  • Staff provide fresh, vibrant and interesting activities to support children's learning well.
  • Staff use a very creative approach in the planning of activities.
  • Children are happy and secure. They have strong bonds with staff, who respond readily to their needs.
  • The staff treat and value each child as an individual.
  • Children are confident and motivated to learn.
  • Children develop a good attitude to learning and learn valuable skills for future use in school.
  • Staff support children's early literacy skills effectively.
  • Staff support children's physical development well.
  • There are good links with parents to keep them well informed of their children's progress.

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